Racing on behalf of TNC
NY runners Racing on behalf of TNC © Mathew Levine

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Join Team Nature for the Frost Town Trail Fest!

New York

Register for the Frost Town Trail Fest and be a part of Team Nature! Celebrate the vast recreational opportunities and beauty of the Bristol Hills and Honeoye Lake region with a challenging 25k or 10k trail run. The routes of the Frost Town Trail Fest will traverse the RMSC Cumming Nature Center and lands owned by The Nature Conservancy.

When you run through these forests, you are running through an ecosystem that keeps Honeoye Lake clean and healthy for people and nature. The Nature Conservancy is currently working alongside local groups to restore and reconnect forests and wetlands in this beautiful region to provide habitat for wildlife, prevent pollutants from entering the lake, and help with flood control.

Joining Team Nature is free, but all team members must also register for the race of their choice (10k or 25k) through the Ironwood Adventure Works page.

Please note that registration for the race ends on May 30th. You can join Team Nature until race day. When you join Team Nature, you'll get a free tech short sleeve t-shirt!

Join Team Nature!