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Empowering Community-led Forest Stewardship

New Mexico

Sunlight coming through forest near village of Taos Ski Valley.
Forest Stewardship Join us on July 28! © Peter Walker


Join The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in New Mexico on July 28 from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (MT) for a virtual event titled, Empowering Community-led Forest Stewardship.

Healthy forests and wood products are essential to sustaining our communities and traditional use practices in northern New Mexico, but access to forests has been inhibited by multiple barriers.

Join us to learn about these challenges and how TNC and partners are learning from traditional cultural knowledge to create opportunities for community-led forest restoration projects that get wood to those who need it.

This virtual event is moderated by Matt Piccarello, Forest and Watershed Health Manager, TNC in New Mexico. Featured speakers are:

  • Mario Atencio, Vice-President, Torreon/Starlake Chapter of the Navajo Nation Government
  • James Duran, Forest Supervisor, Carson National Forest, US Forest Service
  • J.R. Logan, Member, Cerro Negro Forest Council and Owner, Del Medio Forestry, LLC

This event is a part of the ongoing Taos Lecture Series, generously supported by the Taos Ski Valley Foundation.

Note: This event is FREE, and registration is required.


  • Headshot of Mario Atencio.

    Mario Atencio

    Mario is the Vice-President for the Torreon/Starlake Chapter of the Navajo Nation Government. He also serves as an interim and volunteer executive director of the Torreon Community Alliance. Mario is Diné and has served his people Feb 2020.

  • Headshot of J.R. Logan.

    J.R. Logan

    J.R. is a resident of the village of San Cristobal and a founding member of the Cerro Negro Forest Council. The Council seeks to restore traditional uses on Forest Service lands for the ecological, cultural and economic health of rural northern NM.

  • Headshot of James Duran.

    James Duran

    James has served as Forest Supervisor on the Carson National Forest since February 2014. He is a native New Mexican with a background in grazing and rangeland management.