Three osprey in nest
Nesting Osprey Osprey on nest, Osprey nest check in West Creek area, Dennis Township, NJ at the Eldora Nature Preserve. © Amy Deputy

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Conservation Coffee Break Webinar Series

New Jersey

Join us for our Conservation Coffee Break virtual event series and learn more about nature and wildlife throughout New Jersey, all from the comfort of your own home.

Each week, we will discuss a New Jersey nature topic hosted by one of our experts. Each 30-minute session will include an interactive Q+A at the end. This free series will focus on TNC’s work to benefit New Jersey’s iconic wildlife, including bobcats, osprey, horseshoe crabs and many other species. Registration required, coffee optional.

Wildlife Crossing: Connecting Habitat for Critters
May 14, 3:00-3:30 pm

In New Jersey, roadway collisions are a leading cause of wildlife mortality. We're working to change that. Learn about our efforts to study movement trends, make recommendations for roadway crossing improvements like culverts and overpasses, and most importantly, protect land to create connected “greenway” alternatives to navigating through traffic. 

 Our Expert

Neha Savant is Land Science Specialist for TNC in New Jersey, and an ecologist with a specialty in herpetology. 

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Portrait of a Bobcat: Trail Cam Photography
May 21, 3:00-3:30 pm 

TNC's “Bobcat Alley” is a connected mosaic of protected land in northwestern New Jersey, to give state-endangered bobcats a place to call home. Rare, intelligent, and highly elusive, bobcats are notoriously difficult to photograph in the wild, and Bobcat Alley is no exception. We have partnered with wildlife biologist and photographer Tyler Christensen, who uses specially-modified cameras to capture up-close and personal images of New Jersey’s bobcats.  Learn about the importance of Bobcat Alley through photos, some trail camera videos, and stories from the field.

Our Expert

Tyler Christensen is a wildlife biologist and photographer from New Jersey who photographs and surveys rare wildlife through his company, Piedmont Ecological Services. He is a PhD student of Ecology & Evolution at Rutgers University, and is the Director of the nonprofit Wild Bird Research Group, coordinating ornithological research projects in New Jersey and Costa Rica.  

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Ploys for Plovers: Nesting Shorebird Project in Cape May
May 28, 3:00-3:30 pm 

Each year, endangered shorebirds like least terns and piping plovers make their summer homes on New Jersey beaches, but often lose eggs or young to predators. At the South Cape May Meadows Preserve, TNC is using innovative science and a little creativity to improve survival odds for these charismatic birds. Learn how we're using habitat management, fences and even carved decoys and call boxes to give these fragile species a better chance at survival.

Our Experts

Damon Noe is Critical Lands Manager for the Nature Conservancy in New Jersey, overseeing five public preserves and roughly 20,000 acres of habitat.

Lily Mullock is a Land Stewardship Assistant for The Nature Conservancy, working on  TNC's nature preserves, primarily those in Cape May. 

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Horseshoe Crabs: 450 Million Years of Migration 
June 4, 3:00-3:30 pm

One of the world’s epic migrations happens annually right in New Jersey on the shores of the Delaware Bay: Horseshoe crabs return from the ocean to spawn on our sandy beaches. These “living fossils” have a fascinating story, from their physiology to their role in shorebird migrations to the use of their blood in medical testing. Learn more about horseshoe crabs and what TNC and partners have been doing for years to protect them.

Our Expert

Adrianna Zito-Livingston is Coastal Projects Coordinator for The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey. 

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Raptor Rebound: Osprey in New Jersey
June 11, 3:00-3:30 

Osprey populations in New Jersey were decimated in the 1950s from habitat loss and widespread use of the mosquito pesticide DDT. Since the ban of that chemical in 1972, the birds have been steadily rebounding, with more than 669 occupied nests documented in 2019—a record high! Learn about TNC’s work in New Jersey to support osprey and osprey habitat, including a live look at our streaming osprey nest in Cape May!

Our Expert

Damon Noe is Critical Lands Manager for the Nature Conservancy in New Jersey, overseeing five public preserves and roughly 20,000 acres of habitat. 

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