Dragonfly with dew on its wings.
DragonflyNE A dragonfly, covered in morning dew, at East Dahms pasture, Nebraska, the Nature Conservancy's Dahms Tract; located near Wood River, Nebraska. This is the site of a high-diversity prairie restoration. © Chris Helzer/TNC

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Through the Eyes of Your Camera


Nature Unites Us Online Learning Series
A Nature Photography Workshop

“Why does that animal look like a tiny speck in my photo?  Why doesn’t the sunrise on my phone’s screen look like the one I was looking at when I took the picture?”  

No matter what kind of camera you use, it sees the world differently than you do.  Learning about those differences and how to take advantage of them (rather than be frustrated by them) is the key to making good photographs.  Discover how your camera’s brain works, how to bend it to your will, and how to use various natural lighting conditions to create attractive images.  Whether you’re using a phone or a digital SLR, this session will help you take better photos!

This workshop is free, but registration is required.  Sign up here!

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