Luna Moth (Actias luna) photographed in Michigan on maple leaves.
Luna Moth Luna Moth (Actias luna) photographed in Michigan on maple leaves. © Janet Haas

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Moths in the Morning


The Maryland/DC chapter invites you to our very own backyard!

Join us at Fleming Park on Friday morning to view moths that have been lured onto a white sheet by a black light (which will be set up the night prior).

Space is limited and registration is required

MD/DC Conservation Ecologist Deborah Landau will identify the attracted moths and will take the group for a walk around the forest in search for other native insects. This event is family friendly and all ages are welcome!

The group will meet in front of the picnic tables at Fleming Park at 8:30am. An early start is to ensure that we don’t miss the moths!

There are porta potties on the park grounds. This bioblitz is expected to last up to two hours. Attendees are encouraged to bring water and snacks. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring binoculars if you wish. The tour will be canceled in the event of rain.

Moths in the morning is one of five guided events that the MD/DC chapter is offering as part of City Nature Challenge.

What is the City Nature Challenge?

This 4-day global event encourages people to discover and document the biodiversity of our urban spaces. It's easy to participate using the iNaturalist app (free on the app store). Just take a picture of a plant or animal and upload it to the app. Citizen scientists around the world will help label your observations.

Please contact Bridget Moynihan at with questions or for more information.

Join Us

Join us at Fleming Park for a moth viewing and be a part of the City Nature Challenge.