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Field Trip at Erie Marsh Preserve


The sun sets over a body of water covered in plant life.
Erie Marsh Preserve TNC's Erie Marsh Preserve provides important coastal protection and habitat near North Maumee Bay. © Jason Whalen


Join us for a spring field trip at Erie Marsh Preserve, located on North Maumee Bay, an hour south of Detroit. There are two options to explore – pick your own adventure and sign-up today to reserve your spot!

This event will follow applicable CDC and state guidelines as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your cooperation.  

A group of three people use binoculars to view birds.
Birding Erie Marsh is a popular hotspot for birders. © Deb Allen

Group One

Birding at the Border

Spend the morning on a guided birding hike. Located along the Mississippi Flyway, this area hosts one of the greatest migration spectacles in North America. Scores of flycatchers, vireos, thrushes, tanagers, waterfowl, Neotropical songbirds, raptors and warblers can be seen in jaw-dropping numbers.

Construction in the distance, marsh in the foreground.
Construction In 2011, TNC implemented a multi-year project to restore 946 acres of highly degraded coastal wetlands at Erie Marsh. © Jason Whalen

Group Two

Extreme Makeover: Nature Edition!

Erie Marsh Preserve is one of the largest marshes on Lake Erie, containing 11% of the remaining coastal wetlands in southeast Michigan. Despite the wildlife benefits of this preserve, a lot of love is needed to restore highly degraded areas. Take a tour to learn more about these unique marsh and wetland habitats.