Echo Lake Nature Preserve near Marquette, Michigan.
Echo Lake Nature Preserve Echo Lake Nature Preserve near Marquette, Michigan. © Dick Huey

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Tour the Echo Lake Nature Preserve


Experience the wild of Echo Lake. 

Located just a few miles outside of Marquette, the 480-acre Echo Lake Nature Preserve includes high bluffs of dramatic granite bedrock, a mixed deciduous and conifer forest, wetlands, creeks, three high rock ponds and Echo Lake itself. The habitat is rich and varied with bobcats, moose, river otters, black bears, and the elusive Echo Lake wolf pack.

On this guided tour with Kevin Swanson, Director of Forestry and Chris Cantway, Restoration Associate, you’ll learn more about its unique history, the species that call it home, and our conservation in action. 

Register on Zoom for this free webinar on Friday, December 18 at 12pm ET. 

See you there!