If you like beer, you should love forests.
OktoberForest If you like beer, you should love forests. © iStock.com/isuaneye

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OktoberForest Happy Hour


Cheers to the trees! 

Cheers OktoberForest with your favorite beverage and a nod to the trees. Play TREEvia and learn from Kevin Swanson about the importance of beer’s main ingredient—water—and the role that forests play. From the tree canopy all the way down to root systems, every part of a forest plays a critical role in cleaning, storing and protecting our water supply. 

Register on Zoom for this free webinar occuring Thursday, October 15 at 4pm EDT. 

See you there!

Love Beer? Love Forests! If you love beer, you should love forests. Forests provide 40% of the world’s usable water, beer’s main ingredient. Through OktoberForest, we’re working with breweries across the globe to celebrate clean water, great beer and the forests that make it all possible.