Bobcat at Blair Creek Preserve in New Jersey.
New Jersey Bobcat Bobcat at Blair Creek Preserve in New Jersey. © Tyler Christiansen

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The Birth of Wildlife Photography


Join us for an author talk with Professor James McCommons on Camera Hunter: George Shiras III and the Birth of Wildlife Photography

In 1906 George Shiras III (1859-1942) published a series of remarkable nighttime photographs in National Geographic. Taken with crude equipment, the black-and-white photographs featured leaping whitetail deer, a beaver gnawing on a tree, and a snowy owl perched along the shore of a lake in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The pictures, stunning in detail and composition, celebrated American wildlife at a time when many species were going extinct because of habitat loss and unrestrained hunting. Hear the history of his work and how these photos changed the world. 

Register on Zoom for this free webinar occurring Friday, February 19 at 12pm ET. 

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