Lindeman Research & Discovery Center
Cedar Creek Lindeman Research & Discovery Center © Caitlin Barale Potter

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Long-term Ecology in Minnesota

Lindeman Research & Discovery Center

The University of Minnesota and The Nature Conservancy are holding a joint event that include a tour of a biological field station and one of the best savannas in the Midwest.

Pack a brown-bag lunch and bring it out to Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, a world-renowned biological research station located next door to The Nature Conservancy’s Helen Allison Savanna Scientific and Natural Area. Cedar Creek is the birthplace of ecosystem ecology with the longest running plant biodiversity experiment. Helen Allison is part of the Anoka Sandplain, which was formed about 16,000 years ago by glacial meltwater. After the glaciers retreated, a community of conifers covered much of the land. With a warmer climate, birch replaced spruce, and later oak supplanted birch.


11:45 a.m. Arrive on site at the Lindeman Research & Discovery Center for brown bag lunch & presentations

12:00 p.m. Genesis of Cedar Creek and its relationship with The Nature Conservancy

12:30 p.m. Conservation benefits of fire and grazing

1:00 p.m.  Tour the Eco-plots

2:00 p.m.  Tour Helen Allison highlighting long-term impact of climate

What to Bring

  • Brown Bag Lunch
  • Water bottles
  • Wear long pants, closed-toed shoes and sun hats
  • We recommend taking precautions for ticks and biting flies (bug spray, button-down long sleeve shirt, long pants & socks to tuck-in your pant legs)


Jill at 612-331-7703  o