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Long Island Summer Benefit 2019

New York

Long Island Chapter Summer Benefit

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Community Preservation Fund to Protect Land and Water

The Nature Conservancy works to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.  Today, we are addressing the most urgent challenges facing people and nature—tackling climate change, protecting land and water, providing food and water sustainably, and building healthy communities.  Across Long Island, we are working to achieve cleaner waters, restored coastal habitats and fisheries, protected lands and renewable energy.   Your support will make a lasting difference.  Thank you!


  • Anne and Nicolas Erni
  • Beverly and Michael Kazickas
  • Marie and Kenneth Wong


  • Cocktails and Oysters on the Lawn at 7:00 PM
  • Seated Dinner Under the Party Tent at 8:00 PM
  • Dessert and Dancing at 9:30 PM

Summer Party Dress • Valet Parking

For more information, please call 631-367-3384 ext 138


  • Anne and Nicolas Erni
  • Beverly and Michael Kazickas
  • Marie and Kenneth Wong

Junior Co-Chairs

  • Mae Petra Wong and Bryna Askins
  • Lauren and Michael Gilbane
  • Kiki Kazickas and Daniel Hostetler
  • Peyton Kelley
  • Tom Stelle
  • Adriana Xhakli



  • Marilyn and Jan Breslow
  • Anne and Nicolas Erni
  • Pam and Peter Flaherty
  • Fred and Gilda Nobel Foundation
  • Island Outreach Foundation
  • Beverly and Michael Kazickas
  • Nicole LaBarbera and David Kelley
  • Bobbie Braun, The Neuwirth Foundation
  • Steven R. Victorin and Neil Parker
  • Katharine Rayner
  • Virginia and Warren Schwerin
  • Barbara Slifka
  • Patricia and Andrew Steffan
  • Bettina and Fred Stelle
  • Candace and Jonathan Wainwright
  • Marie and Kenneth Wong
  • Megan and Kenneth Wright
  • Barbara and Donald Zucker


  • Paul Brennan
  • Polly Bruckmann
  • Siri and Peter Burki
  • Charles P. Durkin, Jr.
  • Karen and Jefferson Hughes
  • James S. Peterson Foundation
  • Gretchen and James Johnson
  • Nancy and Christopher Kelley
  • Christina and Alan MacDonald
  • Joyce F. Menschel
  • Pat and Peter Nadosy
  • Jenny Noble
  • Leigh and Randy Porges
  • Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld
  • William E. Simon Foundation
  • Anonymous


  • Amaden Realty Corp.
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Douglas Elliman
  • Kolb Mechanical Corp.
  • Northville Industries
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Twomey, Latham, Shea, Kelley, Dubin & Quartararo LLP
  • Anonymous


  • Barbara and Todd Albert
  • Chris and Paul Amaden
  • Robin Wheeler Azequeta and Norberto Azequeta
  • Eli Bailey
  • Ben Barna
  • Frances and Edward Barlow
  • Judy and Ennius Bergsma
  • Kathleen and Gene Bernstein
  • Elizabeth and Kevin Blaney
  • Aimee Bloom
  • Avis Bohlen
  • Cynthia and Geoff Bourne
  • Anne and Russell Byers
  • Adele and Robert Cahill
  • Campbell Family Foundation
  • Lisa and Charlie Carr
  • Diane Kwon and Brendan Costello
  • The Philippe & Deborah Dauman Foundation
  • Carol Deane
  • Susan Pepper and John Dubendorff
  • Barbara and Jim Edwards
  • Janis Real Ellig
  • Majorie and Alexander Federbush
  • Patti and Ken Ferrin
  • Hollis and Jim Forbes
  • Esther Fortunoff-Greene and Joshua Greene
  • Brian Fuhrmann
  • Lauren and Michael Gilbane
  • Kitty and Beck Gilbert
  • Katherine and Reto Gregori
  • Madeline Halsey
  • Kathleen Halston
  • Barbara Hearst
  • Stephen Herman
  • Lidey Heuck
  • Laura and Robert Hoguet
  • Allison Lewis and Andrew Hunt
  • Linda and Michael Husar
  • Melinda Wolfe and Ken Inadomi
  • Bicky and George Kellner
  • Kristine and James Kennedy
  • Aimee and Gerald Larr
  • Jill and Jack Lasersohn
  • Leah and Alain Lebec
  • Isabel Leib
  • Barbara and Harry Ludlow
  • Debbie and John Mackall
  • Ellen Marcus
  • Vincent Mastroianni
  • Catherine and Richard Matteson
  • Jane and Walter Maynard
  • Peter Bickford and Greg McCarthy
  • Haleh Milani and James McCarthy
  • Sandy and Mike McManus
  • Carey and John Millard
  • Judith Fishlow Minter and Mark Minter
  • Martha and Peter Morse
  • Christopher Moustakis
  • Anne and John Mullen
  • Victoria Munroe
  • Beverley and Robert Murphy
  • Jenny Noble
  • Julie Ratner Fund
  • Robert Rattenni
  • Kathleen Doyle and Richard Ravitch
  • Debbie and Arthur Romaine
  • Jane and Alfred Ross
  • Janet C. Ross
  • Renee and Patrick Ryan
  • Judith Saner
  • Cathy Genzlinger and Jordan Schweon
  • Rivalyn Zweig and Michael Senft
  • Anne Shean
  • Andrew Silberstein
  • Sasha Smyslova
  • Virginia Stowe
  • Gerard Turino
  • Samantha and Benner Ulrich
  • Andrew Visconti
  • Carol Volter
  • Jane Lauder and Kevin Warsh
  • Lisa and David Walker
  • Ellen and Chris White
  • Wayne Whitmore
  • Linda and Richard Willett
  • Noreen and Jeffrey Wood
  • Anonymous    

List as of 6/28/19


  • Buckley’s Farm
  • DJ David Kiss
  • Fresh Flavors   
  • Lilee Fell Flowers LLC                                                    
  • Luminous Designs                                            
  • Sperry Tents Hamptons                                                                                                            
  • West Robins Oyster Co.


  • Domaine Franey Wines and Spirits


  • Landcraft Environments Ltd


  • Curated by Anthony Graziano

Ticket Types

  • Benefactor - $25,000 (Two tables of 10)
  • Patron - $15,000 (One table of 10)
  • Benefactor Ticket - $5,000 each
  • Patron Ticket - $3,000 each
  • Donor Ticket - $1,500 each
  • Junior Ticket - $250 (ages 21 - 30 only. I.D. required)

If you would like to pay for your ticket by check, please make it payable to The Nature Conservancy on Long Island and send it to:

Summer Benefit
The Nature Conservancy
250 Lawrence Hill Road
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

If you would like to pay for your ticket by credit card, please call 631-367-3384 ext 138.

All tickets will be held at the door and must be paid for in advance.

To be listed in the program we must hear from you by June 14, 2019.

At this level, we estimate the fair market value of goods and services received in return for the ticket to be $200. Note that the amount of your ticket that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess over this fair market value. It is important to note that disbursements from donor-advised funds cannot be used to purchase tickets and should not provide any benefits to foundation insiders or donor-advisors. Foundation payments for tickets can only be accepted in some instances when used for purposes of foundation business.

Tickets are non-refundable. You will receive directions to the event with your ticket purchase confirmation. 

If you cannot attend the event, you can make a donation to The Nature Conservancy on Long Island at:

The Nature Conservancy
250 Lawrence Hill Road
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Donations are 100% deductible and will be given recognition in the Summer Benefit Program at the event.

Phone 631-367-3384 ext 138 - Fax 631-367-4715