Long Island's Pipes Cove.
A picturesque view of Long Island's Pipes Cove. © Kara Jackson / TNC

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Long Island Virtual Summer Benefit 2020

New York

Long Island Virtual Summer Benefit

Celebrating 65 Years of Protecting Long Island's Lands and Waters

The Nature Conservancy works to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Today, we are addressing the most urgent challenges facing all of nature, humanity included —by  tackling climate change, protecting land and water, providing food and water sustainably, and building healthy communities. Across Long Island, we are working to achieve cleaner waters, restored coastal habitats and fisheries, protected lands and renewable energy. Your support will make a lasting difference.  


  • Christina and Alan S. MacDonald
  • Thomas Stelle
  • Neil Parker and Steven R. Victorin
  • Marie and Kenneth P. Wong

Levels of Support

  • Leading Benefactor—$50,000
  • Benefactor—$25,000
  • Patron—$15,000
  • Eagle—$10,000
  • Osprey—$5,000
  • Cardinal—$3,000
  • Bluebird—$1,000
  • Plover—$500

Ways of Giving

Please make your check payable to The Nature Conservancy on Long Island and send it to:

    The Nature Conservancy
    250 Lawrence Hill Road
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

To donate by credit card, wire transfer, stock or other securities,
please call (631) 367-3384, ext. 138 or email alader@tnc.org.

If you would like to make a donation online, please follow the link below.

In the unlikely circumstance the Long Island Virtual Summer Benefit does not take place, I understand these funds will be used to support the highest priorities of the organization. In times of uncertainty, The Nature Conservancy deeply appreciates your full support and special consideration to allow your generosity to continue to empower our mission.

For further information about participating in the Virtual Event on July 30th, at 5:00 pm, please call (631) 367-3384, ext. 138, or email alader@tnc.org.

Leading Benefactors

  • Marie and Kenneth P. Wong


  • Marilyn and Jan Breslow
  • Marcela C. Butler and Patrick C. Amato
  • Anne and Nicolas Erni
  • Beverly and Michael Kazickas
  • Christina and Alan S. MacDonald
  • Virginia and Warren Schwerin
  • Barbara Slifka
  • Patricia and Andrew Steffan
  • Bettina and Fred Stelle
  • Thomas Stelle
  • Neil Parker and Steven R. Victorin
  • Candace and Jonathan M. Wainwright


  • Bobbie Braun, The Neuwirth Foundation
  • Polly Bruckmann

Corporate Supporters

  • Primera Companies, Inc.
  • Saybrook Capital
  • Sebonack Golf Club


  • Michele and Martin Cohen
  • Charles P. Durkin, Jr.
  • Janet Wallach and Robert Menschel
  • Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld


  • Anonymous


  • Kitty and Beck Gilbert
  • Judith Fishlow and Mark Minter
  • Craig Mitchell and Jeffrey Rothman
  • Missie and Zach Taylor


  • Cathy and Gene Bernstein
  • Robert Brooks
  • Jane and Jimmy Buffett
  • Ralph and Cornelia Heins
  • Melinda Wolfe and Ken Inadomi
  • Julie Persily and David Lefkowitz
  • Heidi Nitze
  • Michael Pascucci
  • Linda and Mauro Romita


  • Luke Babcock
  • Barbara and Jim Edwards


  • Jack Arnold
  • Stefan Geiringer
  • Linda Husar
  • Kenneth Lawlor
  • Blaise Marchese
  • Vincent Mastroianni
  • James McFadden
  • Natascha McQueen
  • Nikolita Moulinos
  • Lena Tabori
  • Carol Volter

List as of 05/28/20

Support Our Work on Long Island

Your support of the Long Island Virtual Summer Benefit will fund continued operations and conservation on Long Island. Donations are 100% tax deductible.