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Little Jerusalem Badlands Guided Hikes


A man wearing a state park uniform leads a woman hiking toward tall rocks formations.
Little Jerusalem Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park in western Kansas, is protected and owned by The Nature Conservancy,. Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks provides visitor access. © Brian G Schoenfish


See Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park up-close and off-trail with a guided tour provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks. 

Guided tours are the only way to visit Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park off-trail. Group size is limited and advance registration for guided tours is required. The tour and event schedule varies by season and more tours are added regularly. 

  1. Check the complete calendar at 
  2. Email to reserve a space on a tour (or call 620-872-2061).
  3. On the day of the hike, meet the group at the "Ramada" - the paved trailhead located after the parking lot.

(Note: Registration is only required for guided tours. The two permanent hiking trails at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park are open to all visitors, sun-up to sun-down daily, without registration.)


Upcoming Special Events*:

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Option 1
Open Park Night
Gates will remain open for on-trail use after sunset! Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park will be open until 1:30am - hike on the trails in the dark, you can even bring lawn chairs.  No RSVP necessary for on-trail hiking.

Option 2
Off-Trail Sunset Photo Excursion
6:30-8:30pm; space is limited, registration required; email

Option 3
Off-Trail Milky Way Photo Excursion
9:00-11:30pm, space is limited, registration required; email

Red lights only for off-trail use. White lights allowed only for light painting and focus assisst.

*Advanced registration is required for all special events at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park. Standard park entrace fees apply.