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What's Next for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken?

Lesser prairie-chicken facing camera in open field.
Lesser Prairie-Chicken Logan County, Kansas © Harland J Schuster

The elusive, shy prairie-chicken is one symbol of the prairie that is in trouble. 

Known as an indicator species, if you have lots of prairie-chickens, then the prairie is in good shape—and the opposite is true. Lesser prairie-chicken, the slightly smaller cousin to the greater prairie-chicken, can only be found in five states: Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. Following the original petition to list in 1995, lesser prairie-chickens were listed in 2014 as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act.  A lawsuit challenging the listing ended in a judge vacating the decision in 2015.  Another petition for listing was received in 2016, with a finding anticipated in mid-May 2021.

So what does the future hold for this charismatic bird? Join us for a conversation with experts and prairie-chicken lovers to talk through what can be done to help the lesser prairie-chicken. Whether you are a bird-watcher hoping to catch a glimpse for your life list, a rancher wondering what the listing decision means for your operation, or a concerned nature lover, this webinar is for you. Register now.


  • Matt Bain, The Nature Conservancy
  • Tish McDaniel, Range & Wildlife Conservation Biologist and Co-coordinator of High Plains Prairie Chicken Festival
  • Chris O'Meilia, US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Betty Williamson, New Mexico Landowner & Co-cordinator of High Plains Prairie Chicken Festival

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