Bright yellow bird with wide open mouth perched on branch.
TNC TV Join us on Thursday, March 25! © Matt Williams


Join Us for our final Season 3 episode of TNC TV!

TNC TV is back, and we're expanding our programming to include a presentation at noon.

Thursday, May 13

Migratory Birds:  The birds are back! Find out where to see and hear our feathered friends returning to Indiana this spring.
  • TNC's Matt Williams is no stranger to Indiana's birds, having photographed countless species over the years. Matt will talk about common and rare migratory birds that you might see in Indiana, including facts and stories on how far they travel, why they travel and how they know when to go, what they eat along the way and what we can do to help them.
  • Then TNC's John Shuey is no stranger to Belize, and he will discuss an exciting TNC land project in that country. The Indiana Chapter was very involved in this acquisition. This is good for birds, butterflies and so many other creatures!
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