Hundreds of large white sandhill cranes with red head markings wade in shallow water.
Sandhill Cranes Join us on Thursday, November 5!

Join The Nature Conservancy for our fall webinar series!

Tune in for one virtual episode (or all four!) as we embark on an autumn adventure to discover Indiana’s natural wonders!

Fall Crane Migration: The Greatest Spectacle in Bird Migration
Thursday, November 5 | 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. (Eastern)

When you hear the wind whistle from a flock of sandhill cranes, you can look above to see one of the most spectacular sights in nature. The story of the sandhills spans centuries with habitat lost, restored and recovered to provide stopover sites on their migratory pathway. Hear avian experts explain this phenomenon.

  • Our TNC TV will take flight as Jim Carpenter, Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. founder, president and CEO provides a history of the species population from the 1800s to today.
  • We'll migrate to Brad Smith, TNC Indiana’s director of Lower Wabash and Wetlands Program, who will crow about the conservation partnerships that have brought back these birds through a collaborative land management strategy.

Anne Nobles, TNC Indiana trustee, will moderate over this evening's brood.

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Feast on Nature: Giving Thanks for Healthy Soil & Local Ingredients
Thursday, November 19 | 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Get the dirt on healthy soil, why it’s important and what TNC is doing to improve soil health in the Midwest. We’ll also hear from local partner Growing Places Indy on how people are connecting to nature with local farmers’ markets. Our season finale ends with a demonstration using local ingredients in making a specialty craft cocktail.

  • The webinar will begin with TNC's Pipa Elias, who will give us the dirt on...well, dirt: what makes dirt good and why is healthy soil important? And what is TNC doing to improve soil health?
  • Then Danielle Guerin from Growing Places Indy will get her hands dirty with local farming. What is Growing Places Indy's mission? Why buy local--what difference does it make to the seller and buyer of products from Indiana farms?
  • TNC's Fiona Becker will belly up to her web camera and show us how to make a seasonal cocktail (and non-alcoholic alternative) out of fresh, local ingredients.

Jane Stautz, TNC Indiana trustee, will oversee the evening. You can bet the farm it'll be fun!

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