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Large tan bobcat with black markings stalks beneath evergreen tree.
Exploring Indiana Join us on Thursday, January 27! © Kent Mason


Exploring Indiana: A Journey Through Our Conservation Highlights

Join the Indiana Chapter of The Nature Conservancy on Thursday, January 27, 2022, as we take a virtual journey across the state! Hear from our staff as they share the exciting conservation highlights and victories that have taken place over the past year. This webinar will be hosted by Indiana state director Larry Clemens and will start your year off right!

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Trick or Treat? Bats: A Spectacular Spooky Species Bats are amazing creatures! And bat conservation experts will tell you why.
Nature in Your Backyard Experts from TNC and Wild Birds Unlimited take flight with interesting info on backyard birding.
Get the Buzz on Pollinators Experts from TNC, the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indiana Native Plant Society explain the buzz around pollinators—why they’re critical and how to help them.
Freaky, Fascinating and Fabulous Think the copperbelly water snake, the Eastern hellbender salamander and the alligator snapping turtle lack appeal? Think again! Our experts will enlighten you with the cool side of these misunderstood creatures.
Trees: All Bark, No Bite Staff from TNC and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful provide the Dos and Don’ts of planting and maintaining trees; tree identification; and discuss trees as habitat—what lives in that tree?