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Celebrating 25 Years on the Prairie


Vivid double rainbow shines over the Kankakee Sands prairie near dusk.
Follow the rainbow Join us at Kankakee Sands on September 24! © Alyssa Nyberg/TNC


Join TNC staff and volunteers as we celebrate 25 years of restoration work at Kankakee Sands in Newton County, Indiana.

Scheduled Activities

All are family friendly and free! All times Central Time.

  • 8:30am-9:30am     Yoga on the Prairie 
  • 10am-11am     Bird Photography Workshop
  • 10am-11am     Bison Corral Tour   
  • 11am-12pm     South Pasture Walk 
  • 11am-12pm     Bison Corral Tour
  • 11am-12pm     Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • 1pm-1:45pm    Welcome to Kankakee Sands
  • 2pm-3pm     Conrad History Hike    
  • 2pm-3pm     Bison Corral Tour
  • 2pm-3pm     South Pasture Walk

All Day Booths

Throughout the day, visit our activity stations to learn about the prairie and make neat nature-y things to take home. Making a nature magnet, touching a bison hide, arranging a fall flower bouquet, painting a bandana and looking at seeds under a microscope are just a few of the things that you can do to learn more about the beautiful world of the prairie.