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Webinar: Sparking Inspiration


A photo of three prescribed fire workers in a forest.
Women in Fire TNC burn crew members are diversifying the fire lines. © Ruth Campos


Most of us have heard about large, destructive wildfires happening recently across the US and in other countries. And we know about the connection between worsening climate change and wildfire activity. But did you know that like rain or sunshine, fire is a natural event that plays an important role in the health of many habitats? Without fire, many plant and animal species would disappear. The Nature Conservancy, with the help of partners, is bringing the role of fire in nature back into balance and helping communities prepare for, manage and live safely with fire.

Register for this webinar, where you will hear from from TNC burn crew members Ruth Campos, Emma Ensley and Makenna Baxter – women who are participating in an Illinois Fire Fellowship program as part of a partnership between TNC and the US Forest Service. Hear about the advancements these women are making to improve forestry habitat through fire in Southern Illinois and how they fought recent wildfires in other states, bringing valuable lessons back home.

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