Binoculars and bird watching book
Binoculars Binoculars and bird watching book © Steve Buissinne

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Idaho Gives at the Village


The Nature Conservancy in Idaho is excited to be part of Idaho Gives again! We will be hosting a Nature Trivia booth at the “Idaho Gives at the Village” event in Meridian. Stop by and test your knowledge, as well as check out other local non-profits! There will be fun activities for all ages.

Idaho Gives is a one-day, statewide online fundraising event designed to connect donors across the state with the organizations they care about most.

We hope you check out our Idaho Gives page, and considering making a donation.

Featured projects:

  • New Loaner Backpack Program at the Silver Creek Preserve that will include items like binoculars and nature guides.       
  • Help finish the Native Plant Garden at the Flat Ranch Preserve by providing funding for aspen trees and tools.

Thank you for supporting conservation in Idaho!