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2021 City Nature Challenge: Houston/Galveston

A group of youth and their group leader peering through binoculars over a railing, with trees behind them.
Community Science The annual City Nature Challenge depends on community scientists and volunteers to observe and record plant and wildlife species. © Erich Schlegel

Calling all nature lovers and community scientists in the Houston/Galveston area! 

From April 30-May 3, our Houston/Galveston team will join over 200 global cities for the City Nature Challenge, an annual competition to observe and record plant and wildlife species (while safely and properly distanced) at your home, school or a local or state park!

Last year, the Houston-Galveston team placed first in the world for species observed. This year, we’re looking to defend our title and beat our own record—all while uplifting regional biodiversity and highlighting how nature-based solutions can help our communities adapt to a changing climate.

Participating in the City Nature Challenge is easy:

1) From April 30 – May 3, find wildlife in your community—or even in your own backyard.

2) Take a picture!

3) Share your observations through iNaturalist, an app that allows community members to record what they see in nature and interact with other nature lovers.

For more information on the 2021 City Nature Challenge in Texas, contact Jaime at

The 2021 Houston-Galveston City Nature Challenge Team is co-coordinated by The Nature Conservancy in Texas, Houston Museum of Natural Science and Bayou Land Conservation and is a partnership among over 20 local and state conservation groups and dedicated individuals throughout the region.