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Hike to Historic Cabin of John Joseph Mathews


Join us for a hike to the restored historic cabin of famed Osage author, John Joseph Mathews, now part of the Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.. Mr. Mathews did most of his writing in his cabin which he called "The Blackjacks".  John Joseph Mathews (1894-1979) is considered to be one of the Osage Nation’s most important spokespeople and writers and he served on the Osage Tribal Council in the 1930s.

His book Talking to the Moon (1945) is a narrative of the first ten years he spent living in his cabin in the "blackjacks" of his homeland, observing nature and reflecting on the influence of the environment on Osage culture. It is a combination of autobiography, philosophical treatise and the work of an amateur naturalist; some critics compared it to Henry David Thoreau's Walden

Level: Moderate             Length: ½ mile                


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Join us for the hike to the historic cabin of John Joseph Matthews.