Heggie's Rock in Columbia, Georgia
Heggie's Rock Preserve Tour This is the Merlin's grass pool, surrounded by quillwort — a federally endangered plant endemic to GA and related to ferns. © Alan Cressler

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Heggie's Rock Preserve Tour


Heggie’s Rock Preserve spans some 101 acres in Columbia County, about 20 miles from Augusta in eastern Georgia. The preserve is near Little Kiokee Creek which joins the Savannah River about eight miles downstream from the preserve. While the preserve includes a perimeter forest of oaks, pines, and hickories, it is the granite outcrop, Heggie’s Rock, which dominates. It is here you see exposed granite, lichen and moss covered rock, soil islands, and the beautiful vernal pools, or dish gardens, which support rare and unusual plants, and capture the imagination.

Guided tours are one of the few ways to access this preserve. 

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