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Nature Inspires Art Contest

Enter your nature-inspired piece of art themed around connection and hope.

Butterfly orchids in bloom at Disney Wilderness Preserve.
Butterfly Orchid Wildflowers in bloom at Disney Wilderness Preserve. © Hannah O'Malley/TNC


Contest Overview

Have you experienced a reconnection to nature or deeper appreciation for spending time outdoors this year? If so, get inspired to enter TNC Florida's Art Contest, Nature Inspires!

Create a Florida nature-inspired piece of art that represents one or both of this year’s competition themes—connection and hope. Submissions must be visual art, including, but not limited to digital art, painting, or sculpture. Video and photography submissions will not be accepted. When you submit your piece by following the directions below, it will be considered for display at TNC’s Disney Wilderness Preserve as part of a temporary art installation, and you’ll be eligible to win exciting prizes to be redeemed on the Preserve! With your participation, we’ll continue to cherish our connection to Florida wildlife and wild places.

Florida has some of the most striking nature inspiration from beautiful aquatic life in our springs and on the coasts to charismatic weather, ecosystems, and plants. Consider what in nature inspires you most in the sunshine state and let your creative energy be your guide!

How to Enter

  1. Review the Official Contest Rules
  2. Create your art!
  3. Submit a PDF at the button below titled with your full name and county of residence - see example. It must contain 1) title of your submission; 2) description of your piece including theme and inspiration (200 word maximum); 3) three high-quality photos of your piece from three different angles including head-on; 4) measurement of your piece (width, height, length if applicable).

Judging Criteria

Artwork will be judged on expression of the theme(s), originality and the degree to which it is Florida nature inspired.


Three winners will be selected, and will choose from the following exclusive access experiences at Disney Wilderness Preserve for winners and their guests:

  • Exclusive preserve access with transportation either three hours before preserve opening or three hours after closing. That magical lighting could be yours to capture!
  • Evening after-hours buggy tour. Experience the wilderness transition from day to night!
  • Daytime daytime buggy tour. The view from a buggy is unlike what you can see on a hike!

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