Ocean waves crash against the Anastasia limestone creating the blowing rocks effect.
Blowing Rocks Preserve Ocean waves crash against Anastasia limestone to create the blowing rocks effect. © Mike Olliver

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Blowing Rocks Preserve Winter Lecture Series


Welcome to our first ever virtual Winter Lecture Series! Lectures are free of charge, but space is limited, so advance registration is required. Click the buttons below to register for the lectures you would like to attend.

Please also to share this event with your friends, family, and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you virtually!

The Great American Outdoors Act: A big win for environmental conservation - 1/27/21

Garrett Wallace, TNC Florida Government Relations Director, details the ins and outs of the newly-passed Great American Outdoors Act and what it means for Florida’s future. Passed June 2020, the Act fully funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and makes critical investments in our national park system, public lands and the Bureau of Indian Education.

Sharks are Snowbirds, Too: Migration of blacktip sharks in Southeast Florida - 2/10/21

Dr. Stephen M. Kajiura, Professor of Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, monitors shark abundance as they overwinter off our coast and migrate northward. These sharks have shifted their distribution to higher latitudes in response to warming oceans. If Florida were to be deprived of these seasonally-important predators in the future, it could have cascading effects through the food chain.

A Bedrock Business Plan: Saving the last of South Florida’s pine rocklands - 2/24/21

Sarah Martin, TNC South Florida Land Conservation Coordinator, speaks about the critically imperiled pine rockland ecosystem, historically occurring only in extreme South Florida andthe Caribbean. This habitat in South Florida has rapidly diminished due to unbridled development and climate change. We're working together with key partners on a plan to conserve this important habitat.

Taking a Closer Look: Harmful algal blooms in the Indian River Lagoon - 3/10/21

Dr. Malcolm McFarland, Research Associate and Lab Manager with Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, speaks about microscopic algae that are essential components of healthy aquatic ecosystems. But some form harmful algae blooms threatening ecosystem stability, human health, and local economies. Learn about algal bloom dynamics in the Indian River Lagoon.

South Atlantic Seascape: Connections between habitats, fish, and people - 3/24/21

TNC's Mary Conley, Southeast Marine Conservation Director, and Robert Crimian, Southeast Ocean Conservation Specialist, speak about the seascape spanning from North Carolina to the Florida Keys. Learn about marine conservation strategies designed to help ensure that natural systems, coastal economies, and human uses are sustained into the future. The lecture highlights TNC's newest fisheries work.

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