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Blowing Rocks Preserve Winter Lecture Series


Ocean waves crash against the Anastasia limestone creating the blowing rocks effect.
Blowing Rocks Preserve Ocean waves crash against Anastasia limestone to create the blowing rocks effect. © Mike Olliver


Welcome to our virtual Winter Lecture Series! All lectures are free of charge, but space is limited, so advance registration is required. Register below for the lectures you would like to attend.

Please invite your friends, family, and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you virtually!

Saving Insects from Global Declines – 1/26/22

Dr. Akito Kawahara, associate curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History, will highlight how insects are essential for humankind. However, many are disappearing rapidly due to human-driven changes to the environment. Join this lecture to learn why insects are important and what actions you can take in yards and gardens to help save them.

Meet Your Neighbors – Florida’s Resident Green Turtles – 2/9/22

Did you know that Florida’s coastal waters are home to thousands of resident green turtles? Cody Mott, biologist with InWater Research Group, conducts assessments of marine turtles and has extensive experience documenting and safely examining sea turtles. Join this lecture to explore the importance of green turtles to local ecosystems and current threats facing this protected species.

Investigating Life and Light in the Deep Sea – 2/23/22

Dr. Heather Bracken-Grissom, assistant director of the Coastlines and Oceans Division at Florida International University, is a marine biologist who studies biodiversity in extreme environments including deep sea and aquatic caves. She explores how organisms have adapted to life in darkness and how they use bioluminescence, or light generation, to survive. Learn about their remarkable adaptations.

Helping to Sustain Florida’s Snapper and Grouper Fisheries – 3/9/22

David Moss, TNC Florida fisheries project manager, details the launch of TNC’s “Deck to Depth” program. This initiative engages the recreational fishing community to ensure healthy snapper grouper populations into the future by encouraging the use of descending devices. These get fish from the deck of the boat back down to depth as quickly as possible to help them survive and support a sustainable fishery.

The Battle to Repeal M-CORES Legislation and Our Efforts to Save Wildlife Corridors – 3/23/22

Janet Bowman, TNC Florida senior policy advisor, and Wendy Mathews, TNC Florida conservation projects manager, speak about our involvement in state transportation policy and recent lobbying for major changes to the M-CORES transportation proposal. You will also gain an overview of Florida panther protection and an update on TNC’s efforts to protect our beloved state animal through land protection.

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