Aerial view of farmland around Saginaw Bay, Michigan, where TNC is working with farmers and companies to reduce runoff in the Great Lakes.
SAGINAW BAY WATERSHED In Michigan's Saginaw Bay watershed, farming is big business. Fifty percent of the watershed's 5.5 million acres is in agricultural production. © Adam Stoltman

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Farmer Field Day


Join us at AgroLiquid's North Central Research Station for a hands-on demonstration of no-till planting soybeans into a crimped rye cover crop.

Representatives from TNC, Mandako and MAEAP will discuss soil and land conservation, crimping equipment, Farm Bill programs and previously planted soybean plots.

Dinner is provided for attendees. MAEAP Phase 1 credits are also available.

For more information contact the Clinton Conservation District at 989-224-3720 or visit

2019 Saginaw Bay Agricultural Conservation Awards

Do you know a farmer making a difference? Nominate a soil health hero today!