National Geographic magazine photographer Ami Vitale.
Ami Vitale National Geographic magazine photographer Ami Vitale. © Courtesy of Ami Vitale

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Dallas Spring Party

Honorary Chairs: Trisha Wilson and Jeb Terry

March 16, 2020

As you know, the Dallas Spring Party was scheduled to occur in just a few short weeks, on April 3. With the recent guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control urging organizations to cancel gatherings of more than 50 people to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Dallas Spring Party. While we were very much looking forward to gathering at the Dallas Arboretum to hear featured guest Ami Vitale’s presentation and celebrate conservation, the safety and well-being of our trustees, staff and supporters is our first and utmost priority.

Please contact Erica Solis at erica.solis@TNC.ORG if you have any questions.


With its diverse landscapes, rapidly-growing cities and rich natural history, Texas is a microcosm of the world. We’re contending with challenges that are tougher than ever—but there are also remarkable opportunities for us to ensure a resilient and thriving future. Join us this spring as we put Africa in Focus, shining a light on the conservation challenges shared in Texas, Africa and around the globe.

This year, we’re excited to welcome Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic magazine photographer Ami Vitale as our featured speaker. She’ll share stories and stunning photos from her quest to capture the inspiring beauty of nature and the enduring power of the human spirit in Africa. Over the years, Vitale has worked across the continent to document wildlife and poaching, cover human-wildlife conflict and galvanize efforts to save the northern white rhino, collaborating closely with The Nature Conservancy and our partners in Africa in this work.

Each of Vitale’s photos are remarkable pieces of storytelling unto themselves, embodying her core philosophy of “living the story.” Taken together, they’re an incredible illustration of the strength of human nature and the resilience of our natural world.

Don’t miss out—reserve your seat now! The 2020 Dallas Spring Party will be held on April 3, 2020 at 6:30pm at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. To purchase tickets or become a sponsor, please contact Erica Solis at or 210-301-5617.

Ami Vitale has been named Magazine Photographer of the Year in the International Photographer of the Year prize, received the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding Reporting, and was selected as Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographer's Association, among others. She is also a five-time award recipient of World Press Photo’s annual photo contest, including first prize for her 2018 National Geographic magazine story about a community in Kenya protecting elephants. Recently she published Panda Love, a best-selling book on the secret lives of pandas.

Vitale is a founding member of Ripple Effect Images, a collective of scientists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers with a mission of creating powerful stories, illustrating the very specific issues women in developing countries face.