Delmarva bays are seasonally flooded freshwater wetlands that are among Maryland's rarest natural communities.
Jackson Lane Preserve Delmarva bays are seasonally flooded freshwater wetlands that are among Maryland's rarest natural communities. © Matt Kane / TNC

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Crescent Preserve Tree Maintenance


Join the Maryland/DC chapter as we conduct bay “maintenance” by removing invading gum and maple trees that have moved in to the wetland at Jackson Lane, threatening to shade out the sun-loving native plants, many of which are state and globally rare.

The volunteer day will consist of using loppers and hand saws to cut back saplings and small trees. This is a great opportunity to experience a unique Delmarva bay habitat at a preserve that is typically only open for scientific research.

Participants should be comfortable using loopers and hand saws and working in some areas of standing water. Registration is required. Follow the link below to sign up.

What to wear: We strongly recommend wearing long pants, socks, a hat, sturdy footwear or rubber boots, and clothing that you can layer/don't mind getting wet and muddy. Light-colored clothing will help you spot and remove ticks before they bite (ticks and mosquitos are present in this area). Be prepared for weather changes and temperature fluctuations.

What to bring: lunch, drinking water, sun protection, rain gear, bug repellent, and work gloves (if you have them). We’ll bring loppers, bowsaws and other tools, extra work gloves, drinks, and snacks.

Jackson Lane's Significance

Jackson Lane protects Delmarva Bays (seasonally flooded freshwater wetlands), which are one of the state’s rarest natural communities. These bays are are typically found along the backbone of the Delmarva Peninsula where soils are poorly drained.

The seasonal flooding and saturated soils discourage many tree species, thus creating a meadow-like opening in the forest dominated by grasses and sedges. Although the surrounding forest is essential to the health of the bays, it is the openings that harbor the nationally and state-rare plant and animal species. 

The six Delmarva bay preserves owned by The Nature Conservancy contain five globally rare and fifteen state-rare species, including the carpenter frog (Rana virgatipes) and plants such as red-root (Lachnanthes caroliana)- the only Maryland occurrence- and the horned-rush (Rhynchospora inundata).

Crescent Preserve is approximately 2 hours from Baltimore/DC. Directions to the preserve will be provided.

Join Us

Register to participate in the volunteer work day at Crescent Preserve.