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Westminster Town Hall Forum with Katharine Hayhoe


Inside of a beautiful church.
Town Hall The Westminster Town Hall Forum is Minnesota’s longest-running and most prestigious speaker series. © Susan McKenna, courtesy of Westminster Town Hall Forum


Talking Climate Impacts & Solutions

Join a virtual event with TNC Chief Scientist Katharine Hayhoe as she discusses how climate change is affecting us and how we all have a role to play in solving it. 

Climate is changing—throughout Minnesota, across the United States and for the planet as a whole. Temperatures are increasing, rainfall patterns are shifting, and many weather extremes are becoming more dangerous and more damaging.

Can we do what it takes to avoid widespread, dangerous change?

Climate change isn’t just a problem for polar bears or future generations anymore—it’s affecting us, here and now. Not only that, but the choices we make today will have a profound impact on our future. We need to accelerate both mitigation and adaptation, and nature has a big role to play.

As part of The Great Northern Winter Festival, hear from TNC Chief Scientist Katharine Hayhoe at a virtual Westminster Town Hall Forum presentation on Monday, January 31.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 precautions, this event will now be held in a virtual format only.

About Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe is an accomplished atmospheric scientist who studies climate change and why it matters to us here and now. In her role as Chief Scientist, Katharine is responsible for TNC’s wider portfolio of global climate advocacy and adaptation work.

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