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Keeping Shellfish on the Menu

The Caribbean

Girl smiles at camera holding a conch shell with hands covered in sand and blue ocean in background.
girl with conch shell, Bahamas A young Bahamian girl plays with a conch shell on a New Providence Island beach in The Bahamas. © Shane Gross

How We Can Protect Our Oceans, Livelihoods and Favorite Atlantic Seafoods

From the northeastern United States along the Atlantic coast to the islands of the Caribbean, shellfish like Maryland oysters and Bahamian queen conch are delicacies on our dinner plates and mainstays of our ocean. These iconic species are symbols of the local way of life in marine regions, where they are vital to supporting local communities, livelihoods and economies.  

Due to the pandemic-related decline in tourism and dining out, the Atlantic shellfish sector has suffered a dramatic downturn. Please join us on Wednesday, May 12 from 12–12:45pm ET to learn how The Nature Conservancy is working with fishers and local businesses on innovative solutions to counter these impacts—helping to ensure that communities can continue to rely on the shellfish that sustains livelihoods and that people love to eat, knowing they are managed sustainably and harvested responsibly. 

This virtual event features experts from across our organization, including Carmen Revenga, Fisheries Global Priority Lead; Robert Jones, Aquaculture Strategy Lead; Mark Bryer, Chesapeake Bay Program Director, and Natalie Miaoulis, Northern Caribbean Conservation Practitioner.

Hosted by The Nature Conservancy in the Caribbean, Maryland, Washington D.C. and New York


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