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The Determining Decade


Downtown Los Angeles skyline with snow capped mountains behind at sunset
Cities Downtown Los Angeles skyline with snow capped mountains behind at sunset © ben jiang/TNC Photo Contest 2019

A series of webinars to learn how, together, we can change the planet’s trajectory. The Nature Conservancy California presents: The Determining Decade Webinar Series, a series of online conversations about TNC’s restoration and scientific work in California and around the world.

Science shows that we have 10 years to set our planet on a path to a better future. The Determining Decade Webinar Series will connect you directly with leaders who are developing many of the solutions that we need. From tackling drought and plastic pollution to creating a low-carbon economy, your participation in this interactive series will help you discover how you can help change our planet’s trajectory.

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars in this series.

You can watch previous webinar recordings by clicking the links listed here:

The Determining Decade: Join TNC California’s Chief Development Officer, Liz Harvey Roberts, in a series of conversations about our restoration and scientific work in California.

State of Our Cities When we think about our Cities Team’s conservation work, we think far beyond city limits. On Wednesday, July 28th at 11 AM PT, our Cities Program Director, Laura Crane, explored how her work on wildlife connectivity, disaster resilience and energy directly impacts life in cities.
State of The Ocean Discover our ocean with TNC’s Oceans Program Director, Tom Dempsey. Dive in to explore the innovative strategies that TNC California is advancing to protect and restore vital kelp forests, reduce plastic in our waters and build a sustainable future for our ocean and island ecosystems here in CA.
State of the Sierra Join us on a tour of a crown jewel of North American mountain ranges - the Sierra Nevada. Our Science and Conservation experts offer an aerial view of this critical landscape that is the lungs and kidneys of California, a critical conduit of clean water and healthy air.
The Places We Protect: Cosumnes River Preserve In this webinar, we share what we've learned on the wetlands and farmlands we've protected and still manage, including TNC's 9,000 acre working farm, Staten Island, where we are showing how productive agriculture can live hand in hand with helping save one of the world's great migrations.
The Places We Protect New Zealand Safeguarding the Future of New Zealand Mckenzie Basin. The Mackenzie Basin is a place of global conservation significance. Known as Te Manahuna or “place of enlightenment” by Māori it is also a place of special cultural significance to the indigenous people of New Zealand.
Special Guest: Former CA Governor Jerry Brown The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) policy staff are now planning for the year ahead. Watch as TNC’s Director of Policy and External Affairs, Jay Ziegler, has a conversation with former California Governor Jerry Brown to discuss what the election results mean for our state.
The Reality of Climate Change and Wildfires in CA California has endured an escalating series of wildfire catastrophes in recent years, with hundreds of lives lost, tens of thousands of homes destroyed, and millions of acres burned.
The Places We Protect: Santa Cruz Island Preserve A webinar by TNC California. Twenty-five miles off the coast of Santa Barbara lies Santa Cruz Island, the largest of California’s eight Channel Islands. More than 1,000 species of plants and animals inhabit the island’s high peaks, deep canyons, pastoral valleys, and 77 miles of dramatic coastline.
Places We Protect: Dangermond Preserve A webinar by TNC California, where we take you on a virtual exploration of The Jack & Laura Dangermond Preserve. Why Wild Lands are Essential: Discovering Species at Dangermond Preserve. One case to be made for the conservation of wild lands is to preserve what we have not yet discovered.
THE ROAD TO 100% CLEAN AND GREEN ENERGY In this webinar, we explore TNC’s science and policy roadmap for achieving 100% clean energy that is developed with nature in mind. This work started on the ground in the Mojave Desert and now is being scaled nationally and globally.
WATER: THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENT A new generation of water conservation to help California’s native freshwater species thrive in our changing climate. California’s water system is not working for nature and increasingly not working for people either.
SAVING OUR FORGOTTEN FORESTS California’s iconic kelp forests provide habitat for hundreds of marine species, fostering biodiversity comparable to that of forests in the Sierra Nevada and delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to people each year.
ENDING THE WILD WILD WET Transforming fishing in one of the world’s most lucrative fisheries: tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. Nearly half of the world depends on seafood for protein. Yet, our ocean ecosystems are in peril.
Plastic: It's Now or Forever Plastic waste is choking our waterways, polluting our oceans, killing wildlife and infiltrating our food supply. Hear how TNC is advancing research aimed at understanding key aspects of the problem.
LAND, HUMANS, NATURE:THE UNBROKEN LINK Just like the superhighways that connect Californians across the state, nature has its own invisible superhighways that connect wildlife populations: habitat linkages. These crucial linkages have been unintentionally severed by human highways and urban development.
OUR FORESTS, OUR FORESTS By accelerating forest health and resilience, we can protect California’s water supply and help California reach its climate goals. California’s forested watersheds provide 2/3 of our developed water supply, store enormous amounts of carbon to help mitigate climate change.

The Determining Decade: A Global Perspective. Join TNC California’s Chief Development Officer, Liz Harvey Roberts, in a series of conversations about our restoration and scientific work around the world.

Africa: A Global Crisis Reaches the Wild The impact of global travel restrictions means that there’s an immediate and unplanned drop of tourism revenue to zero. That’s really damaging because for a lot of these wildlife reserves, international and domestic tourism accounts for about 50 percent of their annual revenue.
Saving the Golden Monkey The Nature Conservancy’s first project in China was in northwest Yunnan, a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot. Our conservation efforts were centered around a flagship species—the Yunnan golden monkey, one of the world’s most endangered primates.
An Ocean of Opportunities Seven of every ten pounds of fish produced in Mexico come from the Gulf of California. This biodiversity nurtures hundreds of coastal communities who depend on a healthy environment for their livelihoods.
Saving the Himalayan Brown Bear Nestled high in the Himalayan mountains in India is a remote rangeland where traditional nomadic and semi-nomadic herders live amongst rare and elusive wildlife, including snow leopards and the critically endangered Himalayan brown bear. Join this webinar to learn more about TNC-India.
The Water Beneath Our Feet Have you ever wondered how rivers flow in September when the snow has melted and no rain has fallen for months? Or what sustains a desert oasis, or that relaxing hot spring? The answer to these questions is: groundwater – the water stored in the aquifers under the Earth’s surface.
Nature Reducing Disaster Risk Climate change is increasing the intensity and severity of natural disasters. With rising temperatures, California will continue to experience more flooding and fires, and these events will continue to become bigger and more devastating.

The Determining Decade: Conversations with Policy Leaders. Join TNC California’s Director of External Affairs and Policy, Jay Ziegler, in a series of conversations about California’s environmental priorities, and the role of policy in scaling critical environmental reforms to address climate change and protect the environment for the benefit of nature and people. 

CA SECRETARY FOR NATURAL RESOURCES WADE CROWFOOT Please join California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot and TNC California Director of External Affairs and Policy Jay Ziegler for a conversation about California’s environmental priorities against the backdrop of the global pandemic.
CONGRESSMAN JARED HUFFMAN How is the U.S. Congress navigating environmental priorities alongside the current federal administration during the global pandemic? Please join U.S. Congressman Jared Huffman and TNC California Director of External Affairs and Policy Jay Ziegler for a conversation.
California State Controller Betty Yee Join California State Controller Betty Yee and TNC California Director of External Affairs and Policy Jay Ziegler for a conversation about how California is budgeting for the environment in the midst of a recession.
FM3 RESEARCH PRESIDENT DAVID METZ Listen to a conversation with David Metz, a leading polling expert with FM3 Research, and Jay Ziegler, Director of TNC Policy and External Affairs, where we’ll explore California’s changing political landscape and what it means for conservation funding and action on climate change.