Broxton Rocks
Tour Broxton Rocks Preserve This preserve has a long-term vision to see most of the Broxton Rocks entirely in natural, mature pine woodland by the middle of the 21st century. © Keith Lazelle

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Broxton Rocks Preserve Tour


Broxton Rocks Preserve, typically closed to the public, will offer guided tours this spring. Knowledgeable volunteer tour guides will lead visitors through this special landscape located in Coffee County. This 1,650-acre preserve features a roaring waterfall rushing over rock ledges, cave-like crevices, and 30-foot cliffs.

During your visit, you will see sandstone outcrops and blackwater streams along Rocky Creek, rolling longleaf pine and wiregrass woodlands and pitcher plant seepage bogs while learning the history of this beautiful landscape.


Youth are welcome at this tour with adult supervision.