at Virginia's Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve.
Dragonfly at Virginia's Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve. © Glenna Goldman/TNC

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Bottom Creek Gorge Trail Clearing Workday


We are looking for 6 volunteers to help clear trails and improve views of the waterfall at our Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve. Volunteers will use handsaws, loppers and will help move branches and logs from the trail after staff chainsaw them into smaller pieces.

Dates will be determined based on volunteer availability

  • January 23
  • January 24, or
  • January 31

We also need help clearing the viewshed in order to improve views of the waterfall. This is difficult work on a very steep section off-trail. Volunteers will also help us pile woody debris (branches, etc.) onto trails that aren’t officially part of the trail system in order to prevent hiker confusion.

To sign up contact Jen Dalke at or 540-335-1302.