Bird Blitz Enjoying a morning bird outing © Daniel White/TNC

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Bird Blitz 2019

Minnesota-North Dakota-South Dakota

The  Nature  Conservancy’s  Minnesota-North  Dakota-South  Dakota  chapter  is  participating  in  an organization-wide  “Birding  Challenge.”  The  goal  is  to  count  as  many  species  of  birds  as  possible  in one  day  on  lands  and  waters  protected  by  the  Conservancy.  We  invite  all  interested  birders  to  help us  document  the  bird  species  on  our  chapter’s  preserves.  The  count  occurs  over  a  24-hour  period and  participation  can  occur  at  any  point  and  for  any  length  of  time  during  that  day.

To participate in the event please contact the Conservancy's Marissa Ahlering via email at

To determine where you'd like to bird for this challenge, check out our preserves in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.


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