Gray tree frog.
Gray Tree Frog Gray tree frog. © Mike Fuhr/TNC

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Big Night in Wilmot

New Hampshire

Witness the great amphibian migration, and learn more about these creatures and their ecology.

Come on out for Big Night with The Nature Conservancy! It's so big, in fact, that we will hold trips in two locations this spring: Lubberland Creek Preserve in Newmarket and in the wilds of Wilmot.

Big night (actually “nights”) occur in the first “warm” rainy nights in spring when temperatures top 40 degrees and ponds and wetlands are at least partially thawed. On these nights, spring breeding amphibians such as wood frogs and spotted salamanders move en masse from their upland forested overwintering sites to the pools and wetlands in which they breed.

Join Dr. David Patrick on a stroll along a combination of roads and paths to witness the migration and learn more about these creatures and their ecology. Register today and when conditions are favorable, we'll notify you with the details!

Those interested in this trip should wear waterproof clothing and bring a flashlight. Although we will avoid any busy roads, it’s always a good idea to wear bright colors. This is a great event for children and families; we’ll be moving slowly and hopefully will see lots of live animals!

Register for the WILMOT Big Night today!

To ensure a fun night for all, space is limited to 25 participants per location. We look forward to seeing you for nature’s biggest night!

Save time that night! Download your liability release today, fill it out and bring it with you.

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Join us for our Wilmot Big Night event.