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Tick Safety: What to Know & How to Stay Safe


Deer tick on green leaf.
Deer Tick Ixodes scapularis © Erik Karits via Unsplash


Learn How to Keep Your Family Safe From Ticks

Ticks and the diseases they transmit to humans, companion animals and livestock are an increasing public health threat. Global climate change has facilitated tick range expansion which has resulted in new tick species and the diseases they transmit to encounter a much larger audience. Twenty years ago, Ohio had just one medically important tick species. Today, we have five medically important tick species with two new species added in 2020. In 2017, the invasive Asian Longhorned tick could be found in just one state, but today its U.S. range includes seventeen states and is forecasted to expand even further.

Join us for a webinar with Timothy McDermott, DVM Assistant Professor and Extension Educator with The Ohio State University, to learn about the state of ticks in Ohio and how to keep your family tick-safe.


This is an online webinar. To register, visit our Zoom registration page.

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