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SOAR Webinar

Join TNC and partners to discover how we're safeguarding Colorado’s shared spaces for conservation, communities and national defense.

A man and a woman walking toward each other on a large grass hill.
Grasslands Bohart Ranch in Southeast, CO. © Terri Schulz/TNC


Event Overview

Conservation often requires innovative approaches and strong partnerships that may seem unexpected.

Join The Nature Conservancy, Palmer Land Conservancy and Trust for Public Land to learn about the Security, Open space and Agriculture Resilience (SOAR) Initiative, a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen and protect natural resources in partnership with the Department of Defense. Together, we are supporting public education, securing agriculture and local food, increasing landscape and community resiliency, and securing national defense readiness.

A grass field with yellow flowers growing tall and a blue sky with white clouds in the background.
Vast beauty Bohart Ranch is a historic 48,000 acre ranch in southeast Colorado. © Tegan May/TNC

Speakers include:

—Matt Moorhead, Conservation Business & Partnership Development Advisor, The Nature Conservancy in Colorado

—Rebecca Jewett, President & CEO, Palmer Land Conservancy

—Wade Shelton, Senior Project Manager, Trust for Public Land

Moderated by:

Paige Lewis, Deputy Director & Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy in Colorado