Magee Marsh
Magee Marsh Magee Marsh birder © Amy Evenstad flickr

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Biggest Week in American Birding


The “Biggest Week" is a festival featuring some of the best birding North America has to offer.  With support from The Nature Conservancy and others, the Black Swamp Bird Observatory is organizing and hosting workshops, guided birding activities, birding tours, keynote speakers, and more.

Participants in the Biggest Week in Birding are invited to visit The Nature Conservancy’s Great Egret Marsh Preserve, a 150-acre coastal preserve in Ottawa County, as well as Kitty Todd, a 1,100-acre preserve in the heart of the Northwest Ohio’s Oak Openings region.   Each offers visitors spectacular birding opportunities.  Discover which species you may find there this spring by browsing our preserve birdwatching guide.

The Biggest Week in American Birding is scheduled annually from early-to-mid May to capitalize on the peak of the spring migration season.  Northwest Ohio’s Western Lake Erie basin—strategically located at the intersection of the Mississippi and North Atlantic Flyways—is an important corridor for migrating birds.

Songbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, hawks, owls, and other species that travel through this region are dependent on “stopover sites” that include a variety of habitats close to the shoreline.  These sites provide migrating birds with critical rest-and-refuel opportunities during the high-stress periods of spring and fall migration, and afford birders the opportunity to capture the wonder of migration.