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John Stark

Director of Freshwater Conservation - Ohio Chapter

Dublin, Ohio


    Freshwater Conservation, Fisheries Management, Nutrient Management, Ohio River watersheds


John Stark is the Freshwater Conservation Director for The Nature Conservancy in Ohio, where he leads the Ohio Freshwater Conservation Team. He is focused on developing strategies in the Lake Erie and Ohio River basins that will address harmful algal blooms, boost native fisheries, restore stream flow, and reduce impacts from climate change.

John believes that we need to restore our streams’ ability to handle flooding and protect our freshwater resources in order to secure the wellbeing of both people and nature.  Healthy Lake Erie and Ohio River systems are vital to our economy, supply vast amounts of food and drinking water, and provide outstanding outdoor recreation.  These unique water bodies are also home to some of the world’s rarest freshwater species.

Prior to joining the Conservancy, John was employed as a warm water fisheries biologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and led the Trout Program in Arkansas.

His areas of expertise include fisheries, stream flow and climate change.

He holds a BS in Water Resources-Fisheries from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and an MS with a Fisheries Major from Tennessee Tech University.

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