in Nevada.
Independence Lake Preserve in Nevada. © Simon Williams/The Nature Conservancy

Transforming Business Practices


Protecting and Replenishing Freshwater Sources

The supply, demand and quality of water defines its availability within a watershed – for people, nature and companies. It's important that private sector companies understand the impact they have on their local watersheds, and the importance of protecting freshwater sources to help ensure that the company will continue to have the water it needs to support its operations and supply chain.

The Conservancy and PepsiCo are working together to conserve and protect fresh water throughout the United States and Latin America. By working directly with farmers, landowners, businesses, and communities to implement efficient irrigation technology, protect upstream forests, and establish water funds, we are helping replenish at-risk watersheds in North and South America. In the United States, PepsiCo is helping replenish watersheds in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

As a part of their work supporting water funds in Latin America, PepsiCo is a part of the Green Blue Water Coalition. They contribute by implementing nature-based solutions in the watersheds where water funds work in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala

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