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Órgãos Mountain Range The Atlantic Forest, Guaraquecaba, Brazil. © Marci Eggers/The Nature Conservancy

Companies Investing in Nature

Xerox Corporation

Conserving the World's Forests

Xerox Corporation has invested an additional $1 million in an innovative partnership with The Nature Conservancy to strengthen and advance practices used to conserve the world's forests. Xerox's 2006 support of the Conservancy's forest work developed science-based tools, practices and systems that the paper industry can draw upon to better understand and manage ecologically important forest land. Our new partnership will promote forest conservation and sustainable forest management around the globe.

Forests around the world harbor a rich diversity of species and natural communities. For this reason, the way forests are managed and protected plays a determining role in The Nature Conservancy’s ability to reach its mission. The partnership with Xerox provides resources and builds relationships that help the Conservancy work with the forest products industry to ensure that productive forests also conserve biodiversity.

The Xerox partnership is focused on three high-leverage strategies in priority conservation areas:

  • Developing and testing a forest carbon methodology for improved forest management that would allow landowners to achieve forest certification and serve as a platform for potential carbon benefits;
  • Strengthening a key tool for identifying priority habitats — the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach — by building consistency across projects, disseminating standards and training assessors through global and regional HCV networks; and
  • Promoting responsible forestry through the implementation of forest management standards by working with Xerox suppliers and other land managers at two sites in North America: Central-Western New York and across the Canadian Boreal forest (including a focused project in Northwest Ontario).

Xerox is also a member of the Conservancy's Business Council.