Sustainable Hydro2
Yangtze River. Bends in the upper Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), Yunnan Province, southwestern China. © Ami Vitale/The Nature Conservancy

Companies Investing in Nature

Goldman Sachs

Center for Sustainable Hydropower

The Nature Conservancy, in collaboration with Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets, recently launched the Center for Sustainable Hydropower (“Center”), which will serve as a resource for governments, hydropower companies and other stakeholders, and act as a platform for exchanging knowledge, building capacity and researching new solutions that balance river conservation and hydropower. In particular, Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets will collaborate on the Financial Solutions for Sustainable Hydropower workstream, which is a key part of the broader Center and will focus on identifying and promoting innovative financial solutions that support the inclusion of conservation in hydropower development.

Currently, financing for the integration of sustainable outcomes into hydropower projects is limited. Through the collaboration, the Center aims to unlock and demonstrate the significant conservation and financial value of hydropower development that balances the needs of people and nature for investors, developers, governments and communities.

Global hydropower capacity is expected to approximately double in the next 30 years with growth especially likely to occur throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia. Chinese hydropower developers are expected to build a significant portion of new dams around the world. This Center, based in Beijing, but with global capacity, aims to provide hydropower developers and governments with cutting edge science that can be used as dams are being planned to find outcomes that work for people and nature.