Sunset over the Conservancy's Davis Mountains Preserve.
Sunset in Fort Davis, Texas Sunset over the Conservancy's Davis Mountains Preserve. © Simon Williams/The Nature Conservancy

Companies Investing in Nature


Protecting Habitats People and Nature Depend On


From Australia to Canada, Indonesia to the United States, 3M has supported The Nature Conservancy’s global conservation efforts for more than two decades. This support has helped to advance the Conservancy’s work to protect critical habitats and lands around the world, including safeguarding hundreds of millions of acres of forests.

Key highlights from 3M’s support to the Conservancy include:

  • Funding the Conservancy’s long-term program in northern Australia’s Fish River Station, containing more than 450,000 acres of rare animals and the important floodplains of the Daly River. Working with local indigenous land owners, this work has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect biodiversity, and provide numerous cultural and livelihood benefits. 
  • Helping our conservation work in Canada’s Boreal Forest, which account for one-quarter of the intact, original forest remaining on Earth. As part of a broad coalition of communities, organizations and industries, the Conservancy is providing science and expertise to help shape the area’s conservation plans. 
  • Donating to our Indonesia program’s efforts in the East Kalimantan Province to protect nearly 80,000 square miles of a rare and biologically important rainforest. As one of our most ambitious forest projects to date, the Conservancy is partnering with indigenous communities in the area to address forest preservation, wildlife protection, species extinction, and climate change. 
  • 3M’s support to the Montana Legacy Project – a pioneering forest restoration effort covering 1.5 million acres – has helped the Conservancy take our work to scale. This project is located in the heart of the Crown of the Continent, one of barely a dozen places left on Earth where not a single plant or animal we know of has gone extinct. Our efforts have helped to restore clean water, improve wildlife habitat for elk and grizzly bears, and create new opportunities for an existing local, skilled workforce.

These and many more conservation efforts have inspired 3M’s employees to support The Nature Conservancy’s mission, through programs such as the company’s annual employee gift matching program.

3M is also a member of the Conservancy’s Business Council