Plantation of Guanandí
The Mantiqueira Restoration Project Brazil Plantation of Guanandí © @FelipeFittipaldi

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Advancing reforestation efforts globally through a one million dollar contribution.

“My team and I have the privilege of helping the company do well by doing good,” says Colleen Cassity, executive director of the Oracle Education Foundation, a nonprofit founded by Oracle to help reinvent education. Through the foundation, Oracle technologists coach high school students in coding, electrical engineering and design thinking, with the goal of developing the next generation of innovators. Threaded throughout the foundation’s curriculum are teachings about circular economy and sustainability. “I’m excited to see what the students we’re working with make over the course of their lifetimes,” she says.

Colleen also oversees Oracle Corporate Citizenship, which includes a grantmaking program that funds environmental nonprofits like TNC. As more companies prioritize environmental and social responsibility, investing in conservation is an effective way for them to demonstrate their commitment to good corporate citizenship. Oracle recently contributed $1 million to our Plant A Billion Trees campaign—a global reforestation initiative—and has supported TNC projects for the past 30 years.

We understand that it’s much bigger than trees. A forest is a system, earth is a set of interconnected living systems, and we are part of it. We are one humanity and share one planet. We’re all in this together. "

Executive Director of the Oracle Education Foundation

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"This simple truth drives our sustainability work at Oracle. We have got to be good stewards, ever-better stewards, of the natural world—and we need to prepare future generations to do better still."  

Oracle provided support to plant trees and protect and restore forests in the United States, Brazil, and China, and encourages its employees and OpenWorld attendees to help too. By ensuring healthy forests in these critical habitats, we are helping to clean the air, reduce the impacts of climate change, improve watersheds that provide drinking water for millions of people, protect thousands of species of native plants and animals, and expand job opportunities in local communities.

You can help too. Donate now to help TNC reach its goal to Plant a Billion Trees!