Brooklyn Bridge Park looking towards Manhattan.
Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn Bridge Park looking towards Manhattan. © Kevin Anold

Cause Marketing & Brand Partnerships


Odwalla Plants Trees for Healthy Communities.

Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities is The Nature Conservancy’s first comprehensive program to advance forest conservation in the cities of North America. Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities engages city residents in the appreciation, care, and stewardship of community trees and parks, and inspires a new generation of environmental stewards and supporters.

Odwalla teamed up with The Nature Conservancy as part of its commitment to plant trees in our communities.  In 2013, Odwalla helped support the planting of more than 130,000 trees by engaging customers to create a virtual tree online and sponsoring volunteer tree plantings in four major U.S. cities, three national forests and three longleaf pine sites.  Together we engaged 900 volunteers in Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco to promote Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities.