TNC’s 2023 DEIJ Annual Report

Africa Expands Indigenous Landscapes Strategy

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Working Together Herder Naronyo Nang’oiho (left) talks to TNC Grazing Manager Francis Msollo at his home in Selela village, northern Tanzania. © Roshni Lodhia

When it was introduced in 2021, TNC’s Strengthening Indigenous Landscapes Strategy focused primarily on one landscape project in Northern Kenya. Now, the program has expanded to include five large landscapes in eastern and southern regions of the continent, where key partnerships are helping restore rights of tenure to the community-led institutions that steward Africa’s most vital grasslands, savannah forests, fisheries, and wildlife areas. In July, leaders from Africa shared Indigenous Landscapes Strategy updates, as well as highlights from Africa Year In Review at the TNC-sponsored 2022 Africa Protected Areas Congress in Kigali, Rwanda.

Ademola Ajagbe

Regional Managing Director, TNC Africa

Ademola Ajagbe

“This has been a year of unprecedented growth for the Africa Program, with over 35% of staff joining the team in the last year. To leverage capacity and get the greatest results, we are pushing ourselves harder to work holistically, to think about the implications of our work to address climate change, to conserve biodiversity, and to improve people’s lives.”

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