Aerial view of Watchapreague, VA
Virginia Coast Reserve Town of Watchapreague, VA as seen during an aerial survey flight. © Peter Frank Edwards for The Nature Conservancy

Stories in Virginia

Virginia Coast Reserve

Empowering resilient coastal communities on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

The Virginia Coast Reserve is the longest expanse of coastal wilderness remaining on the east coast.

14 undeveloped barrier and marsh islands help to protect Eastern Shore communities from storm surges and sea level rise, as well as providing critical wildlife habitat. The mainland and island preserves of VCR offer visitors unique natural experiences. 

The work we do at the Virginia Coast Reserve serves as a model for how conservation can help a landscape to adapt and become more resilient in the face of a changing climate.

Explore our stories below to learn more about our land protection, migratory bird, and marine habitat restoration work as well as our education and community outreach programs.

Piping Plover chicks on the property of the Beach Club of Cape May, Inc.
Piping Plover Chicks VCR's barrier islands are managed to protect coastal habitats for the bird species that depend on them for survival. © Dottie Dowling

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For inquiries about visiting Brownsville Preserve, island use policies, connecting with our community outreach or education programs, or learning more about our conservation work on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

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