Tree trunks are scattered across a grassy meadow.
Preserve Challenge TNC is posing a challenge to South Carolina members. © Pam Marfiso

Stories in South Carolina

South Carolina Preserve Challenge

We're challenging you to visit the places you're helping to protect.

As a supporter of The Nature Conservancy, YOU have done an incredible job protecting South Carolina’s most special and beautiful places. Now, we’re challenging you to discover—or rediscover—the preserves that your support has protected for future generations.

We’ve listed 11 places below that TNC members and  partners have conserved over the years. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to visit each of these places before Earth Day 2022.

Share your memories of each visit on social media using #TNCEarthDayChallenge. Once you’ve reached all 11, email Bea Girndt at for a special chance to be highlighted in a future TNC publication!

Map of 11 SC preserves: Stumphouse Mountain, Nine Times, Blue Wall, Peachtree Rock, Forty Acre Rock, Webb Wildlife Center, Beidler Forest, Savannah NWR, Santee Reserve, Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage.
Preserve Challenge The Nature Conservancy is challenging its South Carolina members to visit nature preserves they have helped to protect. © The Nature Conservancy


  • A waterfall flows over big brown boulders.

    Stumphouse Mountain Preserve/Wildlife Management Area

    This is the site of the lovely Issaqueena Falls, which is important to Cherokee history, several historic railroad tunnels, and forests and streams with trails for the public to enjoy. Explore Stumphouse Mountain

  • A serene lake scene at Blue Wall Preserve in South Carolina.

    Blue Wall Preserve

    Looking 1,400 feet up the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment to views of Hogback Mountain and surrounding peaks, one can see how the Cherokee gave this preserve its nickname. Enjoy Spectacular Views at Blue Wall Preserve


  • A waterfall flows over big brown boulders.

    Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

    Peachtree Rock Preserve is named for the large sandstone formation shaped like an upside-down pyramid. Diverse plant communities ranging from bogs to xeric sandhill scrub can be found here, including the federally endangered Rayner's blueberry. Visit Peachtree Rock

  • Native spring ephemeral bloodroot  blooming in spring.

    Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve

    Located in Lancaster County, Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve encompasses 2,965 acres of the most diverse protected area in the Piedmont region, including granitic flatrocks and waterslides. See Forty Acre Rock


  • A waterfall flows over big brown boulders.

    Webb Wildlife Center

    Explore a black water wonderland through a double-feature Field Trip to the Webb Wildlife Center's canoe and nature trails, both within shouting distance of the Savannah River in Hampton County. Explore Webb Wildlife Center on Foot and by Canoe

  • Wood ducks migrate through Cape May each fall.

    Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

    Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, established April 6, 1927, consists of 31,551 acres of freshwater marshes, tidal rivers and creeks, and bottomland hardwoods. See Wildlife along the Savannah River

  • Aerial view of twisting streams on Otter Island. This is an example of a coastal wetland area, which supports a large about of fish species and helps shelter coastal communities from storms- South Carolina has the largest amount of salt marsh area in the East Coast.

    ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge

    Rice plantations once covered this landscape, which now supports important waterfowl habitats. Go Birdwatching in the ACE Basin

  • Red-cockaded woodpecker at home in a longleaf pine.

    Santee Coastal Reserve

    Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area was established by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as a result of the purchase and donation of the property by TNC in 1974. Explore Santee Coastal Reserve

  • A close-up look at the majestic bald eagle.

    Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve

    On this 10,427-acre preserve, you might spy animal tracks of deer, raccoon, fox, squirrel, quail and black bear, and, if you're lucky, catch a glimpse of these elusive animals. The preserve has the highest number of black bears anywhere in the state. Look for Wildlife at Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve