Joel Irby, owner of Stonecloud Brewing OK
Joel Irby, Stonecloud Brewing Joel Irby, owner of Stonecloud Brewing OK © Stonecloud Brewing OK

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Stonecloud Brewing Co. in Oklahoma City

Celebrating Oktoberforest: clean water, healthy forests and locally crafted beer!

What is Oktoberforest?

Join The Nature Conservancy and Stonecloud Brewing Co. for pub trivia night on Monday, October 15 and learn how TNC is protecting healthy forests, clean water and local beer!

5-7pm - Meet TNC staff, learn about TNC and try on fire gear
7-9pm - Trivia with Geeks Who Drink
6-9pm - Lucky Lucky Dumpling Food Truck

Stonecloud Brewing Co. -
1012 NW 1st, OKC, OK 73106

A Message From Stonecloud Brewing Co.

"Water is extremely crucial to our beer as it makes up 80-90% of the liquid that you are drinking when you have a beer. Water quality is critical. We can not make great beer without quality water.

Oklahoma is a little behind when it comes to environmental issues that concern forests and water preservation. Our owner brewer is an avid outdoorsman who has seen first had the impact of poor environmental policy and who is an advocate for change.

Stonecloud Brewing Co. is excited to participate in the Oktoberforest campaign and help advocate and educate Oklahomans’ on the importance of preserving/protecting our environment."