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Monarch License Plate

New specialty license plate supports pollinator habitat conservation and outreach

In a recent online survey that we hosted, more than 12,800 Oklahomans voted for their favorite of six monarch-themed license plate designs.

“Local artists including Bold Multimedia, Cubic Creative, The Lowe Group, and Rick Sinnett voluntarily created the beautiful artwork for the public to vote on,” said Mike Fuhr, State Director for The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma. “The competition was neck and neck the entire time, but there was one design that that proved to be the public’s favorite.”

With 3,383 votes, the vibrant and colorful plate designed by Rick Sinnett of Mustang is the winning artwork selected by the public for a new monarch-themed specialty license plate benefiting The Nature Conservancy.

Rick's design showcases a monarch butterfly in the center with an abstract sunset in the background and milkweed flowers in the foreground. Milkweed is the host plant for monarchs.

“As an artist, native Oklahoman and lover of nature this marks a significant milestone for me in terms of striving to be the best steward I can be," said Rick Sinnett, local artist from Mustang. "It’s such a tremendous honor and privilege to be awarded the opportunity to be part of something I support and believe in. Now let’s save the monarchs!”

Coming in second and third place were two designs created by Shawn Davis at BOLD Multimedia in Norman. BOLD received 2,813 votes for their “Save the Monarchs” plate and 2,523 votes for their design featuring wildflowers and milkweed.

Last May, Governor Stitt signed Senate Bill 170 authorizing the creation of a monarch-themed license plate to honor and raise awareness about the magnificent monarch.

“Monarch butterflies represent endurance, change, hope, life, and Oklahoma’s breathtaking prairies. Unfortunately, their populations have plummeted at an alarming rate,” said Fuhr. “The license plate is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the important role monarchs and other native pollinators play in our food production and the need for more miles of milkweed and wildflowers.”


The Nature Conservancy works to save the monarchs by conserving critical pollinator habitat throughout Oklahoma and teaming up with a broad range of groups including farmers, ranchers, tribes, residents, government agencies, businesses, gardeners, artists and municipalities.

Additionally, The Nature Conservancy is a founding member of the Oklahoma Monarch and Pollinator Collaborative, a statewide group of 40+ organizations and citizens working together to ensure thriving monarch migrations for generations to come.


Check out each of the awesome designs voluntarily created by local artists that were featured in our monarch-themed license plate competition. More than 12,800 Oklahomans voted online from August 26 to September 8, 2019!

Monarch License Plate designed by Rick Sinnett.
RICK SINNETT Designed by © Rick Sinnett
Monarch license plate designed by Bold Multimedia
BOLD Multimedia Design by BOLD Multimedia © BOLD Multimedia
Monarch license plate designed by Bold Multimedia
BOLD Multimedia Designed by © BOLD Multimedia
Monarch License Plate designed by The Lowe Group
The Lowe Group Designed by © The Lowe Group
Monarch license plate by Cubic Creative
Cubic Creative Designed by © Cubic Creative
Monarch License Plate designed by Cubic Creative.
Cubic Creative Designed by © Cubic Creative


The monarch-themed specialty license plate will be avaiable for pre-order beginning November 1, 2019. The pre-order form will be available on this page and on the Oklahoma Tax Commission's web site. We have 180 days to sale 100 plates. If 100 plates are sold within that time frame, then the plate will go into production and be available at tag agencies statewide. The cost of this plate will be $38 with $20 from each plate benefiting the Conservancy’s conservation efforts in Oklahoma.


Where can I order a monarch license plate?

Pre-Orders begin on November 1, 2019. Check back on this page to download the pre-order form.

How much will the plate cost?

The cost of this specialty license plate is $38 with $20 from each plate benefiting The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to benefit pollinators in Oklahoma.  

Is the $38 fee a one-time or annual fee?

Just like all plates, you have to renew them annually. The initial fee for the monarch license plate is $38 and the annual renewal fee is $36.50. A portion of the fee ($20) benefits The Nature Conservancy's conservation efforts in Oklahoma.

Will I still have to get the state license plate with the scissortail bird on it?

Yes. Whether or not you have a special interest plate such as the monarch license plate, you will get the state license plate with the scissortail bird. 

Will The Nature Conservancy continue to benefit from my annual renewal fees?

Yes! Each time you renew, you help support our efforts to raise awareness about the monarch and increase pollinator habitat throughout the state.

Is the contribution tax-deductible?

You may be able to deduct this from your personal income taxes. Consult with your tax adviser or review the IRS regulations that apply to your situation to determine whether or not a deduction is allowed.

How will The Nature Conservancy use the funding generated from the sales of this plate?

The funds will directly benefit our outreach efforts to raise awareness about the importance of monarchs and other pollinators, as well as increase pollinator habitat throughout the state. Each year, we will select a project in Oklahoma to receive the funds. We share that information at: and also on social media at or

Who designed this stellar plate?

Hats off to the talented Rick Sinnett of Mustang for creating this winning design. Three other design firms also helped make this project possible: Cubic Creative, Bold Multimedi  and The Lowe. Thank you to each of our participants for donating their time and energy to produce the original designs in the contest!