Anthem Brewing Co. in OKC
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Anthem Brewing Co. in Oklahoma City

Celebrating Oktoberforest: clean water, healthy forests and locally crafted beer!

What is Oktoberforest?

Join The Nature Conservancy and Anthem Brewing Co. for Pub Trivia Night on Wednesday, October 24 from 5-9pm and learn how TNC is protecting healthy forests, clean water and local beer!

Anthem Brewing Co. - 908 SW 4th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109

A Message From Anthem Brewing Co.

"Water is the key ingredient to making craft beer, well craft beer really. We're always testing the city's water in our lab to make sure its up to par for everyone. If the PH level is on point just the way it should be, then so is the beer.

We're hoping for this night we can have our craft beer loves come to us and learn the importance of preserving our forests. The brewing process is really fun to watch and learn, but we have to make sure we cover all the steps and details of it.

If there is no water, then there is no beer and that means that we can't share our Anthem to the world or hear anyone else's."